03/12/2013 11:49 am ET Updated Mar 19, 2013

Is Ashley Olsen's Wet Hair A Fashion Faux Pas? (PHOTOS, POLL)

Some stars look as if they've been prepped and preened by a team of stylists each time they leave the house (we're looking at you, Miranda Kerr), while others prefer to keep it a little more real.

Ashley Olsen went with the latter approach when she stepped out in New York City yesterday with sopping wet hair. Now we're big fans of the air-dry ourselves, but is it a faux pas when a top celebrity fashion designer does it? Surely she has top-notch blowdryers and hairdressers at her disposal. Plus, can't you catch a cold that way?

On the other hand, sister Mary-Kate sported a more Hollywood-level coiffe during the same outing -- even though she knows her sis been guilty of the same wet look in the past. We suppose not everyone can get blowouts three times a week like Kate Middleton...

For the record, we're not saying that every gal can't have wash-and-go hair (we definitely do). We just wonder: Can celebs get away with the same?

Check out Mary-Kate and Ashley's opposing looks below and tell us what you think!

Ashley's wet hair:

mary kate olsen wet hair

Mary-Kate's dried 'do:

mary kate olsen wet hair

Don't worry, Ashley, everyone has a bad hair day...

Celebrity Bad Hair Days

CORRECTION: This post previously misidentified Ashley as Mary-Kate and vice versa.

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