03/12/2013 04:11 pm ET | Updated Mar 12, 2013

19 Weird Subreddits That Have No Reason To Exist (But We Love Anyway)

Unfortunately for Reddit, it's the awful, sexist sections, or "subreddits," on the popular link-sharing website that have gotten the most media attention. Forums like "JailBait" and "CreepShots" -- spaces dedicated to posting pictures of underage women and women unaware they're being photographed, respectively -- became famous on the Internet when Gawker outed their creator, Michael Brutsch, last year.

But there are many other subreddits that help redeem the site. It's hard to make the argument for why "PokemonConspiracies" or "AnimalsWithoutNecks" need to exist -- but we're glad they do for our browsing pleasure.

Here are 19 subreddits that don't need to exist:

19 Wildly Specific Subreddits