This just about breaks our hearts, it's so adorable. Meet Detroit's newest, cutest resident, Josiah. The baby boy was born to parents LaBarrian White and Shatina Davis at DMC Sinai-Grace on Wednesday, also known as 313 Day to the city that reps the area code.

Look how well Josiah represents the 313:

313 baby detroit

Photo by Joshua Hanford for Pure Detroit.

Pure Detroit, an apparel and gifts shop that hosts cultural events in the city, gave the 313 baby the adorable onesie pictured above and his mother a gift bag. All the little ones born today at the hospital -- two and counting -- will receive the same warm welcome to the Motor City.

"Pure Detroit has been waiting all year to launch 313 Day today and it's amazing the support we are getting," said Ryan Patrick Hooper, the store's director of communications and culture. "What better way to celebrate than new life in city of Detroit?"

We can't think of a better thing to celebrate, either. Tell us your stories of love and celebration in Detroit on 313 Day in the comments, or tweet it to @HuffPostDetroit with hashtag #313DLove.

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