Microsoft Outlook features a same-sex wedding as part of its new advertising campaign.

The new clip shows two women tying the knot before one updates her surname within the Outlook program.

The commercial follows in the footsteps of Kindle Paperwhite, which has produced a similarly marriage equality-themed ad. Earlier this year, Crate & Barrel similarly depicted two men at a romantic dinner as part of a new "January Inspiration" catalog.

Bob Witeck, who consults for Fortune 100 companies on LGBT marketing and communications strategies, told the Associated Press that President Barack Obama's controversial embrace of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights has changed the playing field for corporate advertising in recent months.

"Things have changed significantly in terms of risk and reward," Witeck is quoted by the AP as saying. "Businesses don't view this as a risk model any longer."

H/T Joe. My. God.

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