Mike Lee CPAC Speech Mocks Salad

03/14/2013 01:04 pm ET | Updated Mar 14, 2013

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) gave a fairly dry speech exhorting the values of civil society, but at the end, he told a long story about visiting a salad bar in Southern Utah. He said he ate there over say, eating a hamburger, to impress his wife.

At the end of the bar, he found chocolate pudding. The pudding was rancid.

When Lee asked about the bad pudding, the worker said he wasn't working the salad bar. "I'm not doing salad," he said, according to Lee.

To Lee, the story was an indication that Americans need to do more to form bonds in civil society.

"I invite each one of you to square your shoulders and be 'on salad,'" said Lee. "In that sense, we are all 'on salad.'"

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