03/14/2013 06:42 pm ET

Unique Marriage Proposals: The Most Unconventional Products Used To Pop The Question

Sometimes, the most romantic marriage proposals are the most unusual.

Earlier this week, a new dad popped the question to his girlfriend by dressing their newborn baby in a onesie that read "Will you marry my daddy?" The new mom was thrilled, and she said "yes!"

He's not the only one to use an unexpected item -- like a onesie -- to propose. Men have taken inspiration from coffee cups, Jack-o-lanterns and even toilets (really!) when popping the question to their significant others.

In the slideshow below, we've compiled some of the most unusual items that have been used to pop the question. And despite the strangeness of the proposals, they all received a "yes!"

Marriage Proposals Using Unconventional Products

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