Fabio Lanzoni, the longhaired, 6’3”, perfectly chiseled Italian model/actor/author is turning 54 today -- and is still looking better than ever.

Fabio rose to fame in the 80s and early 90s as he graced the cover of more than 400 romance novels, becoming the object of many reader’s fantasies and winning Cosmopolitan’s “Sexiest Man of the Year” award in 1993.

In the years that followed, Fabio proved he wasn't a one-trick pony by starring in his own television series, releasing an album and writing a number of books.

While age has not made Fabio less of a hunk, we relish any excuse to revisit some of his old book covers. In honor of his birthday, we have compiled a slideshow of 40 of our favorite Fabio book covers. Happy birthday, Fabio!

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  • 'Tiger's Eye'

  • 'A Moment In Time'

  • 'Lovestorm'

  • 'Love A Rogue'

  • 'Highland Rogue'

  • 'Golden Temptress'

  • 'The Betrothal'

  • 'Renegade Bride'

  • 'Sunlight'

  • 'The Shadow And The Star'

  • 'Hearts Aflame'

  • 'Apache Fire'

  • 'Apache Heartbeat'

  • 'Captive Rose'

  • 'Dark Whispers'

  • 'My Gallant Enemy'

  • 'Passions Of The Realm'

  • 'Passion's Treasure'

  • 'Scarlet Ribbons'

  • 'The Valiant Heart'

  • 'A Breath Of Paradise'

  • 'Savage Betrayal'

  • 'Pirate'

  • 'Champion'

  • 'Comanche'

  • 'Wild'

  • 'Viking'

  • 'Rogue'

  • 'Scoundrel's Captive'

  • 'Savage Promise'

  • 'Game Of Hearts'

  • 'Tarzan And The Jewels Of Opar'

  • 'The Son Of Tarzan'

  • 'Jungle Tales Of Tarzan'

  • 'Mystic Rebel II'

  • 'Mystic Rebel V'

  • 'Mystic Rebel IV'

  • 'Dangerous'

  • 'Mysterious'

  • 'The Beasts Of Tarzan'