By now you've probably seen videos of goats yelling like humans, humans yelling like goats yelling like humans and even goats yelling along with Taylor Swift, but this one will really blow your mind.

Watch above as the Internet's favorite animal (a cat) meows exactly like the Internet's favorite animal of 2013 (so far), the goat. If the next thing to go viral is a video of a goat that sounds like a cat, well... We're ready for it.

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  • Hung Up

    Are you looking for something?

  • Caffeinated Kitty

    Hey, that's mine.

  • Happy Halloween!

    Let me help you carve this pumpkin.

  • My Pillow

    Is your X-Box controller and there's nothing you can do abou it.

  • Coffee Cat

    Oh, did you need this?

  • Cat Vs. Computer

    I sit on your lap and I provide you with hours of entertainment, so I might as well be your computer.

  • Hello?

    Your expensive toy has become my trusty mirror.

  • Clean Sheets

    Your pillowcase is my new sleeping bag.

  • Group iPad Session

    Whatever this magical thing is, we want it

  • Computer Cat

    I want to surf the web, but I don't know where to start.

  • Fully Stocked Fridge

    Who wants an ice cold... Kitten?

  • Basket Case

    I'm not going anywhere.

  • Give It To Me

    With my cat-like reflexes, I'm much better at this game than you are.

  • This Cat Knows How To Spin

    They call me "Kitty Mix-A-Lot."

  • A Tall Glass Of Water

    Is perfect for washing off my paws.

  • Get Out Of Here!

    It's occupied.

  • My New Bed

    Your purse is perfect for sleeping.

  • Did You Need To Wash Your Hands?

    Well, too bad.