Everyone has unnecessary fears, like this guy, for example. He just happens to fear dirty diapers and his roommate just happens to love pranks.

That's where a diaper filled with chocolate pudding comes in. With that and some unwavering determination, the perfect prank ensues. Check out the unbelievable reaction in the video above.

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  • Cheeseburger?

    Why put the cheese in the burger, when you can just put it on the side?

  • Blue And Brown

    It's the new black and white.

  • Forgot Something?

    I don't think he ever found out what the website's url was.

  • Going Up?

    Because this banister is.

  • A Scientific Mug

    Not made very scientifically.

  • A Model Citizen

    There's something off about her.

  • Lemons And Limes

    When life hands you lemons, put 'em in a lime container and shake things up.

  • Numerical Error

    It's good this wasn't for an annual spelling bee.

  • I'm Hooked

    But I don't think you can hang your coat on me.

  • Meaty Juice?

    Bacon never looked so juicy.

  • Taco With A Side Of Cheese

    Exactly how I wanted it.

  • Playing Telephone

    Let's put the phone on the outside to let people know we really mean business.

  • Laying Down The Groundwork

    Just trying to add some flair to this boring sidewalk.

  • Batman Vs. Superman

    Superman conquered Batman for this coveted backpack spot.

  • Wanta Fanta?

    Well, you're getting a Coke.

  • Crazy Condiments

    They're all upside down, but they're all in it together.

  • Low Five!

    What are you trying to tell me?

  • Mix Up In The Dental Aisle

    Let's hope they just switch the signs.

  • Just Be Yourself

    Why are you hiding your identity, Yellow Lemonade?

  • Slushey Swap

    Either way, the flavor is artificial and overly sweet.

  • Failing Phone

    You're a phone of lies.

  • Red Hot Chilly Paper

    It's their original band name.

  • False Fruit

    The weirdest strawberries ever seen.

  • A Magic Trick

    This is Harry Potter's doing.

  • Spellcheck Emergency

    I'm not sur what FRIE is, so I think we can park here.

  • Stops Rust?

    I don't think so.

  • Don't Ring That Bell

    Let's hope there isn't an emergency anytime soon.