Aside from using it to stalk exes or find out which of your high school friends now have children, Facebook has other, even more important uses. For example, crafting the most clever comments and perfectly sarcastic replies.

Whether a status is well-meaning or totally asinine, creating just the right response takes wit, skill and plenty of smart-assery. Check out 17 of our favorites below and leave your own witty response in the comments (we know you will, anyway).

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  • Oh, The Horror!

    Let's hope for a new era.

  • Looking For Love?

    Well, I think they've found it.

  • Good Observation

  • Very Punny

    This comment has her stumped for a reply.

  • Forever Alone

    But always clever.

  • Facebook Is Good For Ultimatums

    And positive family interactions.

  • Women And Terminator Robots

    Have a lot more in common than we thought.

  • Real Clever, Mom

    Earning her right to be on Facebook.

  • Nice Comparison

    People and Pokemon are EXACTLY the same.

  • They Have The Power!

    Kind of.

  • Watch Out!

    Grammar Police, but very clever ones at that.

  • Cute Dog?

    More like evil... and hungry.

  • Love Is No Challenge

    Dealing with toothpaste containers? Now, that's another story.

  • 'Go Away Scarlett'

    That awkward moment when... Scarlett's right.

  • One-Upped

    It just gets creepier and creepier.

  • He Sees You

    And he's not afraid to tell everyone.

  • Abbreviations

    Are difficult to understand.

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