03/18/2013 03:38 pm ET | Updated Mar 21, 2013

'Spring Breakers' Reviews: Is Harmony Korine's Record-Breaking Movie Worth Seeing?

East and West coasters are shouting in their echo chamber this Monday about "Spring Breakers," Harmony Korine's neon-drenched new movie about "the kind of girls that get down with Britney." Depending on whom you trust, the most profitable limited release of 2013 is either a brilliant sendup of everything American -- from the entire genre of spring break movies to The Great Gatsby -- or a "stupid and asinine" exercise in directorial self-love. So should you drop $10 to watch Selena Gomez go bad this weekend, when "Spring Breakers" launches beyond a mere three theaters in NY and LA to the rest of the country, or can you save this one for a plane ride? Let's let the critics hash it out.



Maybe? Because it's pretty?

Yes! Many times!

No! (Unless you're pretentious.)

Maybe -- because Franco is actually pretty good you guys:

Yes! Because It Gets Better!

Hell no -- remember "Trash Humpers?

Maybe! Because like the other guy said, pretty!

Yes. As if you would ever NOT watch a Harmony Korine movie, duh!

I mean, you probably will right? No matter what the critics think?

"Spring Breakers"