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Challah Recipes: How To Make Your Own And What To Do With Leftovers (PHOTOS)

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Alright, everybody, we're hurtling toward Passover, so it's time to talk challah. We know, we know, Passover is the holiday where you are forbidden to eat leavened bread -- not exactly prime challah recipe time, right?

Well, if you're either a practicing Jew or someone who has to live with one of us, you probably know about chametz. Chametz refers to any leavened breads, leavening agents and bread-making materials. In the days leading up to Passover (which starts on March 25 this year), we're supposed to rid our homes of any trace of chametz, including the flour tucked away in the cupboard, the packages of yeast, etc. You've still got time, so don't throw it out! Let's make some challah and then use the leftovers for bread puddings, grilled cheeses, French toast and more. You can even make a few challahs to give away to your friends. You'll score brownie points, plus you get all your chametz out.

We are certain that the meaning of Passover is not to have an all-out carbohydrate feast for the week leading up to the holiday, but just tell your grandmother you're trying not to be wasteful -- on account of all those starving children she was always talking about in your youth.

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Challah Recipes
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