If you're looking to try your hand at different kinds of pastry, gougeres are a great place to start. They're made with pate a choux -- which is also used to make cream puffs, eclairs and chouquettes -- but instead of adding sweet ingredients, you use savory cheese. Don't let the name pate a choux intimidate you, it's an easy dough to work with. So long as you know how to beat eggs, you can make pate a choux.

This gougere recipe uses sharp cheddar cheese. But feel free to substitute for your favorite. Make gougeres anytime you're in need of a fun appetizer or if you just feel like eating your cheese in pastry dough -- which for us is almost always.

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  • Or, Our Favorite...

    ... just shove it directly into your face. <em>via <a href="http://mousefounded.tumblr.com/post/4158569950">It Was All Started By A Mouse</a></em>

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