These Scones Are So Good, You'll Wish You Were British

03/20/2013 11:03 pm ET | Updated Aug 12, 2014
Pastry Affair

Scones don't have the best reputation on this side of the Atlantic. Many times they're drier than chalk and lacking in any kind of flavor. Scones have, it seems, not traveled well. But we're campaigning to right this wrong. When done right, scones are creamy, buttery and the best kind of melt-in-your-mouth pastry. They're just as awesome as the biscuit, only sweeter.

When it comes to this buttery pastry, you can't go wrong with the classic creamed version. But if for one reason or another you're bored with the original, a cream scone recipe easily serves as a blank canvas to let your baking imagination go wild. Think coconut chocolate, orange cranberry and even parmesan. Check out all the different scone variations we've found and love.

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