03/21/2013 04:18 pm ET

J.R. Smith Tweets Pic Of Mike Woodson In Polka Dot Shirt, Is It The Worst Shirt Ever? (PHOTO, POLL)

Question: Is this the worst shirt you've ever seen?

jr smith

Well, J.R. Smith, the New York Knicks star, seems to think so. The NBA baller tweeted the pic of his coach Mike Woodson wearing a rather eccentric shirt on Thursday with the hashtag #Top5WorstShirtsIveSeenInMyLife! Black and white polka dotted button-downs are clearly not his style.

Perhaps Woodson is just trying to keep up with all the style stars that have started to emerge from around the NBA (see: Russell Westbrook and LeBron James)

NBA "Geek Chic" Style
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