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This week has been quite eventful for Wendy Williams. In addition to receiving an increase in her ratings and extending episodes of "The Wendy Williams Show" through July, the nationally-syndicated talk show host was also on the receiving end of a verbal assault initiated by former “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star, Janet Hubert.

Apparently Hubert watched Tuesday’s episode of “The Wendy Williams Show” in support of former television co-star, Tatyana Ali and didn’t take a liking to how Williams inquired about being replaced on the sitcom in 1993 by Daphne Maxwell Reid.

Hubert responded to the segment during an episode of her BlogTalkRadio show, “Speak, Own It,” where she dedicated an open letter to the self-proclaimed “Queen of All-Media”;

Dear Wiggy, I’m sorry, Wendy,

Recently, you found the need to put an end to the mystery surrounding my departure from a show that I did so damn long ago that I don’t even remember why I departed.

Wendy Williams, or whatever you are supposed to be, I’m not quite sure. I’m writing you yet again, to appeal to your sense of womanhood or manhood as some suggest. Please close your mouth about things that you know nothing of…..

You are such a demon Wendy. You are wicked, awful, conniving, sinister, spiteful, jealous of every other woman. Simply put, Wendy you are a virus. You are not nor have you ever been a true woman. It seems as though your audience thirsts for the blood of others, as they are prompt to clap and hoot and holler at your shows and wigs and clothes.

Girl you will have some stars on your show and demean them before they even make it back home. I just would like to know who died and told you that you were reborn as Oprah. You want to be Oprah so bad that you would kill for it and you will kill anyone to achieve success. Sister, you will never be another Oprah. Oprah lifted her audience up and exuded an air of class."

Listen to Janet Hubert’s rant in its entirety in the clip above.

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