03/24/2013 11:32 am ET

James Franco's 'Spring Breakers' Gets An Endorsement From Actor's Grandma

"Spring Breakers" is quite the polarizing film. The movie has been called "unforgettable," "a druggy, violent, hypersexualized tale," "twisted," and "the most debauched movie of the year."

But one person who wants audiences to see it? James Franco's grandmother.

In a new video (shown above), posted to the movie's Facebook page, Franco's grandma is shown talking about the film, juxtaposed with footage from "Spring Breakers."

"See 'Spring Breakers,'" Franco's grandmother says in the clip. "Lots of parties, lots of drinking, lots of girls, and my grandson!"

This isn't the first time that Franco's grandma has encouraged audiences to see her grandson's films. In 2010, she famously spoke out against those that were too afraid to see Franco's film "127 Hours," saying "I think they're a bunch of p-----s."

"Spring Breakers" hit theaters on Mar. 22.

"Spring Breakers"