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Burning Of Chametz Ceremony, A Passover Tradition, On A Street In Brooklyn (VIDEO)

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Jews across the world marked the beginning of Passover Monday. In Brooklyn's South Williamsburg, a large crowd gathered for the Burning of Chametz.

Never heard of chametz? Yaccov Cohen describes:

We began preparations for Passover by searching our homes for any traces of chametz, or leavening, and removing any that we find. That's because our ancestors fled Egyptian slavery so quickly that they had no time for their bread to rise, or leaven. This is spring house cleaning, something practiced in many cultures and countries.

(This is why, for example, everyone eats matzo during Passover.)

Watch the MyBlockNYC video above for a nice glimpse of the annual ceremony, which this year occurred on Rutledge Street, between Harrison Avenue and Broadway.

The fire grew so large this year that the FDNY had to make a visit.

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