The best moments in life are often the unexpected ones. Then again, unexpected moments can end with a toddler falling on your head or a cow chasing you through a field. But that's just what we know from GIFs we see on the Internet.

Take the unsuspecting people and animals in the 17 GIFs below, for example. We could sit here all day and watch these "Wait for it..." scenarios unfold. Check them out below and vote for your favorites. Trust us, they're worth the wait.

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  • Sneaky, Sly And Springy

  • Geronimo!

  • The Chase

  • The Cutest Cat

  • The Pop-Up

  • Surprise Landing

  • A Humble Abode

  • Peek-A-Boo!

  • Scaredy Cat

  • An Act Of Magic

  • Trampoline Transformation

  • Hide And Seek

  • Swing And A Miss

  • Cautious Cat

  • A Day At The Races

  • Scary Turns Clumsy

  • Dog Sledding

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