03/27/2013 04:00 pm ET Updated Mar 27, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial Unexpectedly Canceled

The Jodi Arias trial was canceled for unexplained reasons Wednesday afternoon.

"We are unable to proceed today, court will resume … tomorrow," the judge's assistant announced 30 minutes after the trial was scheduled to begin.

No reason was given for the delay.

According to ABC15, prosecutor Juan Martinez left the courtroom with the family of victim Travis Alexander.

Earlier Wednesday a hearing was held before Judge Joseph Welty on a motion file by Arias’ defense team to keep court costs from being released to the media. The defense contends the release of the information could jeopardize Arias’ right to a fair trial.

“If the State is allowed to view or access these records the State may be able to determine what witnesses, both expert and civilian, the defense has interviewed and not listed as witnesses in any phase of the trial as they attempt to develop a viable defense,” the motion reads.

During the hearing, David Bodney, an attorney representing multiple media outlets, argued that the public is entitled to know more about the expenses related to Arias' defense, rather than the general dollar amount –- a sum of roughly $838,000 -- that was recently released by the Maricopa County Office of Management & Budget.

Last week defense psychologist Richard Samuels testified he was being paid $250 per hour for his testimony. On Monday, domestic violence expert Alyce LaViolette, another defense expert, testified is being paid $300 per hour for research and $250 per hour for her testimony.

Judge Welty has yet to rule on the motion.

The trial is scheduled to resume at 12:30 p.m. Eastern time Thursday, when LaViolette will continue her testimony.

Jodi Arias Defense Motion To Seal Expenses


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