03/27/2013 02:45 pm ET

Somersby Cider's New Commercial Pokes Fun At Apple

Somersby Cider, made by Danish brewery Carlsberg, is out to remind you that there are two kinds of apples in the world: Apple and apple. And while the latter is a bit old-fashioned, it hasn't gone out of style.

In its new commercial, Somersby Cider creates their own version of an Apple store, Apple employees, and Apple hype, replacing iPhones and Macbooks with apples and apple cider. We have to hand it to them, their apples do have great features. They're completely wireless, easy to download, and work best in direct sunlight.

But maybe Somersby's lawyers should have warned the ad folks: the computer maker doesn't take kindly to imitation.

(h/t Reddit)


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