03/27/2013 05:30 pm ET

Leo Villareal's 'The Bay Lights' Documentary: '25,000 LEDs Illuminate The San Francisco Bay Bridge' Tells The Story Behind The Massive Light Installation

Earlier this month, artist Leo Villareal gave San Francisco's other bridge a chance to shine.

Villareal illuminated the sweeping lines of the Oakland Bay Bridge with a light display like no other. In the video above, simply titled, "25,000 LEDs Illuminate The San Francisco Bay Bridge," The Creators Project takes a look at this record-breaking installation. Villareal, who has long held a fascination with public light installations, says that he was was asked "to consider the bridge a canvas."

'The Bay Lights' will light up the San Francisco Bay for the next two years, so there's ample time to visit.

Leo Villareal
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