'Disconnect' Movie: First Clip Features Scary Marc Jacobs Performance (VIDEO)

03/28/2013 12:33 pm ET

The new drama "Disconnect" focuses on three interwoven stories about the dangers of what happens when people eschew human interactions for digital ones. (Nod if you're reading this on a mobile device right now.)

"Disconnect," which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2012, features an all-star cast, including Jason Bateman, Alexander Skarsgard, Hope Davis, Andrea Riseborough, Norbert Leo Butz and even famed fashion designer Marc Jacobs as a sleazy "porn baron" who ropes unsuspecting youngsters into his den of web pornography. "Disconnect" marks Jacobs' acting debut.

"I found 'Disconnect' incredibly compelling -- a perfect use of storytelling to vividly dramatize an issue that permeates our lives to such an extent that it's hard to even see," Arianna Huffington, president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, wrote in a recent post. The film, she added, "shows how easy it is to allow technology to lure us into a somnambulist life, gradually being pulled away from a sense of who we are and what really matters."

"Disconnect" opens on April 12, but interested viewers can get a first look at the film -- and Jacobs' scary performance -- in the exclusive and NSFW clip above. For more on "Disconnect," click over to Arianna's blog.

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