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Jodi Arias A Victim Of Domestic Violence? (LIVE UPDATES)

Domestic violence will take center stage at Jodi Arias' murder trial in Arizona Thursday, as the defense attempts to show Travis Alexander abused his estranged girlfriend in the months leading up to his brutal slaying.

Domestic violence expert Alyce LaViolette was expected to testify Wednesday, but court was canceled before it began. The judge gave no reason was given for the delay, but Arias' family members reportedly said the defendant was suffering from a severe migraine.

LaViolette took the stand in the afternoon Monday, after forensic psychologist Richard Samuels concluded his 6th day of testimony, answering questions about various forms of abuse in relationships.

Defense lawyers say Arias was physically and emotionally battered by Travis Alexander and feared for her life when she shot him, stabbed him nearly 30 times, and cut his throat from ear to ear in his Mesa, Ariz., home on June 4, 2008.

During her 18 days on the stand, Arias told jurors she killed Alexander in self-defense after he attacked her for dropping his camera. Prosecutors say the murder was premeditated and fueled by jealously.

The trial is set to resume at about 12:30 p.m. Eastern time, when LaViolette is expected to resume her testimony.

Read below for minute-by-minute updates from court Thursday:

03/28/2013 3:07 PM EDT


The judge has called recess for the day. The trial will resume Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. Eastern time. The judge told the jury that she is going to meet with each one of them individually. This is most likely in reference to whether they had observed Martinez signing autographs or posing for photos outside the courtroom.

03/28/2013 3:05 PM EDT


LaViolette continued talking after the prosecutor made an objection. The attorneys are now at another sidebar with the judge.

03/28/2013 3:04 PM EDT

'He Needed Counseling'

"The details of his refusal to look at his childhood ... and they thought he needed counseling," LaViolette said of the content in the email.

She added, "There was reference to a particular woman and his manipulation of that women."

03/28/2013 3:02 PM EDT

'How He Treated Them'

The email exchange contained information on "other specific women he has been with and how he treated them," LaViolette said.

03/28/2013 2:58 PM EDT

'Tough Day'

03/28/2013 2:57 PM EDT


Martinez objected to the testimony about the email several times. The attorneys are now at another sidebar with the judge.

03/28/2013 2:56 PM EDT

The Email:

LaViolette was shown an email exchange between Arias and his friends, Sky and Chris Hughes. According to LaViolette, the Hughes advised Arias not to get involved with Alexander because he had a history of being abusive with women.

03/28/2013 2:36 PM EDT

More Emails

LaViolette is reviewing additional emails.

03/28/2013 2:29 PM EDT


The attorneys are at yet another sidebar with the judge.

03/28/2013 2:28 PM EDT

'Seeds Of Jealously'

LaViolette said "seeds of jealously" were sprinkled in the email, but she did not elaborate.

The Huffington Post is live blogging Thursday's testimony. Check back here for updates.


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