It'll come as no surprise if we say Tilda Swinton is a tad bit ... eccentric. The gifted actress has never shied from associating herself with off-the-wall performance art, and now she's punctuating that extracurricular passion with an installation at New York's Museum of Modern Art in which she sporadically shuts herself into a glass box and sleeps. No one knows when exactly she'll be there -- or why, really -- but Swinton will make seven sleepy stints at MoMA throughout the remainder of 2013.

But we can't proceed without revisiting the illustrious past of bizarreness that Swinton has adopted. From uncanny lookalikes at a fashion show to dancing Scottish jigs on the street, we now present a lifetime of weirdness, Tilda Swinton style.

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  • She starred in a David Bowie music video.

    After the widespread agreement that <a href="" target="_hplink">she is a clone of David Bowie</a>, Swinton played his wife in an odd music video in which she takes a saw to a raw turkey. <a href="" target="_blank">Watch the video here.</a>

  • She's perfectly aware of her own strangeness.

    "Yet, I think the thing I'm loving the most about the last few weeks is how clear it now is -- how undeniable -- that the freak becomes the great unifier. The alien is the best company after all for so many more than the few." [<a href="" target="_hplink">The Guardian</a>] — During her recent speech about David Bowie at London's V&A Museum, which is currently featuring an exhibit with more than 300 Bowie artifacts

  • She's had a lifelong interest in androgyny.

    "From childhood, I remember more about his black patent, gold livery, scarlet-striped legs and medal ribbons than I do of my mother’s evening dresses. I would rather be handsome, as he is, for an hour than pretty for a week.” — Discussing her father in a 2011 W magazine cover story

  • She's a pro at sleeping in glass boxes.

    It turns out this isn't the first time Swinton has slept in a glass box. "The Maybe" premiered in 1995 at London's Serpentine Gallery, repeated in 1996 at Rome's Museo Barracco and is currently stationed at New York City's MoMA. Seen here is her 1995 exhibit.

  • When she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for "Michael Clayton," she decided to talk about her statue's "buttocks."

    "I have an American agent who is the spitting image of this. Really, truly, the same shape, head and -- it has to be said -- the buttocks."

  • One time she danced a Scottish jig in the street.

  • She has a way with the paparazzi.

  • She believes imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    In 2003, fashion house Viktor & Rolf featured her at the center of its Fall/Winter "One Woman Show" runway, which included 16 models dressed like Swinton replicas. (Zip ahead to the 12:20 marker to see all of them converge in one uncanny moment.)

  • This happened.

    Speaking of androgyny, Swinton graced the cover of Candy -- a magazine that promotes "transvestism, transexuality, crossdressing and androgyny in all their glory" -- in 2012, looking chic, fierce, feminine and totally unrecognizable.

  • One time she forgot to leave Narnia.

  • She likes to read poetry aloud.

    In an unusual choice for advertising, Swinton promoted her perfume by recording a reading of the Rumi poem "Like This."

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