03/29/2013 06:11 pm ET

35 Incredible Examples Of Body Painting Art (NSFW PHOTOS)

Before hundreds set a world record for "Most Bodies Painted" and Kate Upton donned body paint for Sports Illustrated, artists painted on human forms just as they would any other medium.

Body painting, an ancient art form that has been modernized, is celebrated around the world. Every year, amateur and seasoned artists gather for body painting competitions and large-scale festivals to celebrate the art form and showcase new techniques.

But body painting is not limited to the art industry. The craft has been used by a variety of groups, from protesters to sport fans.

To demonstrate just how widespread this art form has become, we've pulled together the definitive roundup of body painting art. Check out the gallery below to see some of the most incredible examples.

Incredible Body Painting (NSFW PHOTOS)


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