03/29/2013 08:30 am ET

Repurposing Idea Turns Your Laundry Basket Into A Grocery Carrier (PHOTO)

Bringing groceries, gardening supplies and other purchases in from your car to your home can be cumbersome. Especially if you're dealing with heavy, multiple bags worth of items. Sometimes we'd rather just leave the goods in the garage than make multiple trips. But we came across this great repurposing idea on Reddit to help with this pesky situation.

Reddit user 3yrlurker2ndacct uploaded this photo which shows a clever new use for a laundry basket. Just leave the carrier in the car and load your bags into it. When you're ready to transport them inside, just lift the basket. It'll still be heavy, but you won't have to run back and forth. Plus, you won't catch your fingers in the tote.

Photo by 3yrlurker2ndacct

We think this is a super easy way to make shopping less dreadful. Plus it's a clever way to repurpose a helpful household item and make it even more useful. Want another great way to reuse your laundry basket? Vegetable Gardner suggests growing potatoes in one.

Click through our slideshow to see more repurposing ideas. And be sure to head over to Reddit and Vegetable Gardener for more information.

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