03/29/2013 09:07 am ET

Thai Iced Tea Recipe Video By Tastemade Is Making Us Thirsty

Did you notice? The sun is staying out longer, the temperature is rising (slowly) and there is an electricity in the air that says, "drink something iced." Oh, how we love iced drink season. Iced coffee, iced tea and our star of the show today: Thai iced tea.

Until we watched this video, we'd somehow relegated Thai iced tea to a beverage only available in Thai restaurants. This sweet, milky, somehow bright orange concoction is a favorite of ours, but we've never made it ourselves. Enter heroes of all things drinkable, Tastemade, with their "Thirsty For..." YouTube series. These are the people responsible for the amazing masala chai tutorial we adored, as well as the brightly energetic Vietnamese coffee how-to. Now, they've given us a Thai iced tea recipe, and we're never looking back.

Seems pretty simple, right? And you know we are capable of staring at evaporated milk seeping into iced tea for minutes at a time. Here's to iced tea season!

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