04/01/2013 10:22 am ET

4/1/13-4/7/13 Pollster Open Thread

This open thread is to review this week's polling, look ahead toward future elections or whatever else you want to talk about. The thread will remain open until the end of the week.

Below, a roundup of some of the polling on last week's biggest issues:

Gay Marriage
'Rob Portman effect' fuels support for same-sex marriage (CNN/ORC)
53% of Americans support same-sex marriage (CBS)

Other National Topics
Supreme Court’s Favorable Rating Still at Historic Low (Pew)
59% Favor Death Penalty (Rasmussen)
Most Say Illegal Immigrants Should Be Allowed to Stay, But Citizenship Is More Divisive (Pew)
In U.S., 65% Support Drone Attacks on Terrorists Abroad (Gallup)

State/Local Topics
CA: Majority Supports Upholding Appeals Court, Overturning Prop 8 (SurveyUSA)
NJ: Menendez Gets Small Bounce After Big Drop (Quinnipiac)

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