04/01/2013 12:58 pm ET

Don't Forget Chad Lowe! (SLIDESHOW)

Sure, we love Rob Lowe, but just like in "Star Wars", there is another. And that other Lowe is Chad... Chad Lowe.

You probably remember him as Becca's HIV positive boyfriend on "Life Goes On", or as "crying husband" during Hilary Swank's first Oscar acceptance speech, or as "Holy sh*t, that's Chad Lowe" in Season 6 of "24".

But however you remember him, the important thing is that YOU DO remember him. Because Chad Lowe exists. He's not Rob Lowe... not at all. But he's Chad. Chad Lowe.

Never forget.

Don't Forget Chad Lowe!

P.S. We actually, really, seriously love Chad Lowe and always considered him the thinking man's Lowe. Just FYI.