04/01/2013 05:39 pm ET Updated Apr 01, 2013

Emma McQuiston Is Britain's First Black Marchioness (PHOTOS)

Move over, Kate Middleton! There's a new noble in town -- and she's breaking a few barriers of her own.

Emma McQuiston is set to become Britain's first black marchioness. The 26-year-old beauty will marry Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth (aka the son of Alexander Thynn, the 7th Marquess). Do all of these titles sound confusing to you? Here's the breakdown, in order of rank: Duchess, then marchioness, then countess. You're welcome.

In a new spread in Tatler magazine, McQuiston explains that it hasn't been too easy rising to the top:

“There has been some snobbishness, particularly among the much older generation. There’s class and then there’s the racial thing. It’s a jungle and I’m going through it and discovering things as I grow up. I’m not super-easily offended but it’s a problem when someone’s making you feel different or separate because of your race, or forming an opinion about you before they know you.”

Of course, McQuiston isn't new to the game. She met her fiancé at the age of four when the two attended the same wedding (too cute), so we're guessing she's been running in top social circles for most of her life.

Since we hadn't seen much of the stunner before her engagement, we decided to take a closer look at the future noble. In no particular order, here are six things to know about Emma McQuiston:

1. She's a celebrity chef. Seriously, have you seen how amazing her blog is?

emma mcquiston

2. Before becoming a chef, she studied history of art at University College, London, and even tried her hand at acting. The woman has star potential...

emma mcquiston

3. She's the daughter of Ladi Jadesimi, a Nigerian oil mogul.

4. She has an amazing collection of sunglasses.

emma mcquiston

emma mcquiston

emma mcquiston

5. She's a nail art aficionado. (And she's pretty active on Twitter.)

emma mcquiston

6. She won't be a marchioness just yet. After her June wedding, she'll be a viscountess until her husband inherits his father's title.

So there you have it. Britain's very first black marchioness is smart, successful and stunning. Are you excited for her to tie the knot?

We hope her wedding will be as good as this one..

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