Latino April Fools Day Guide To Pranking (VIDEOS)

04/01/2013 01:31 pm ET
A Short Latino Guide To April Fools' Pranks

Happy April Fools' Day!

As you begin to de-foil your office desk and prepare your ultimate revenge, we present you with a A Short Latino Guide To April Fools’ Pranks. By gathering some of the most ingenious and hilarious Latino tricksters on the Internet, we hope to inspire you to use your Hispanic powers for mischievous evil today.

Despite the fact that in Latin America and in Spain the day for antics is el Día de los Santos Inocentes on Dec. 28, the truth is any excuse to prank a friend should not be passed.

Some of the pranks above may seem a tad elaborate and time consuming, but you don’t go down in history without a lot of creativity and dedication.

Check out these 5 hilarious pranks and some from last year's Día de los Inocentes below. And tell us your best April Fools pranks in the comments.

"Día de los Santos Inocentes"

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