04/01/2013 08:24 am ET

Men's Style Icons We Can Learn From: Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt And More (PHOTOS)

It's no secret that here are HuffPost Style we are obsessed with menswear. Not only do we look to certain dapper dudes for style inspiration, but we even venture into the men's section ourselves on occasion. Although a lot of the boys in Hollywood are nice to look at, they're not just eye candy -- they can also teach us valuable lessons about getting dressed.

First and foremost, guys usually don't stress over what they wear, so why should we? Many women have anxiety about wearing the same thing every day, but having a uniform can streamline your life. Not only will you always feel comfortable in your ensemble, but it takes a certain kind of self-confidence to commit to a look -- just check out James Dean (don't mind if we do).

Other men, like John Lennon, teach us the importance of trying out new trends (we can only imagine how many sideways looks he got when he first donned his round specs), while David Beckham's "less is more" approach is something we could all benefit from.

Though we may not be putting on a tuxedo or a bow tie anytime soon, Hollywood's most fashion-forward men may be onto to something in the style department.

Click through the slideshow below to see what Mick Jagger, Brad Pitt and other stylish guys can show us:

Lessons From Male Style Icons

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