'Bones': Brennan Doesn't Get What's Going On With 'Judge Trudy' (VIDEO)

04/02/2013 04:20 am ET

Booth and Brennan stumbled onto a very familiar looking set during their investigation on this week's episode of "Bones." They found themselves in the courtroom of one Judge Trudy.

"Who is this woman and why is she interrupting my courtroom?” Judge Trudy asked her producer when the pair showed up.

When Brennan tried to introduce herself and explain why she was there, the gruff Judge Trudy told her bailiff to eject her from the courtroom.

"This isn’t even a real courtroom," Brennan said. "There’s no ceiling."

Once they were able to get past the confusion on the set, it was time to investigate the case of the missing producer. And it was the bailiff who'd killed her. He'd done so in retaliation for her neglecting his beloved dog to the point of death -- she'd forced joint custody of the pet. That's a case definitely better suited for Booth and Brennan than either Judge Trudy or Judy.

Buddy TV got a kick out of the Judge Judy send-up, and particularly the fact that Brennan didn't seem to get what was going on at all with the show. Wetpaint couldn't resist joking about "Bones" getting sued for this parody.

"Bones" returns in two weeks with a new episode, Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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