This article comes to us courtesy of Tasting Table Chicago.

Each month, HuffPost Chicago joins our friends at Tasting Table to highlight our five favorite finds from Chicago’s sprawling culinary scene.

After eating around the city, from the Gold Coast to Edgewater, here’s what caught Tasting Table Chicago editor Heather Sperling’s eye in March.

Tour March's top local eats in Chicago below. Photos courtesy of Tasting Table:

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  • The Lobby at The Peninsula

    Chef Lee Wolen loves chicken, and it shows. His whole-roasted chicken for two, on <strong><a href=" The_Lobbys_Lee_Wolen_loves_his_birds.htm?ref=huffPo" target="_blank">The Lobby</a></strong>’s dinner menu, is a crisp-skinned stunner. Now there’s a superlative lunch option, too: slow-roasted thighs, elegantly plated with carrots, potatoes and radishes.

  • Pide ve Lahmacun

    Forget Neapolitan; our new thin-crust obsession is <em>lahmacun</em>. This Turkish specialty, plus thicker, cheese-filled <em>pide</em>, are the two stars of this <strong><a href=" Falling_for_Turkish_pizza_at_Pide_ve_Lahmacun.htm?ref=huffPo" target="_blank">tiny new counter-service café</a></strong>, a stone’s throw from the Irving Park Brown Line stop.

  • Da Lobsta

    Much as we wish summer were around the bend, we have miles to go before we sunbathe. Until then, there’s always <a href=" Summery_shellfish_in_the_Gold_Coast.htm?ref=huffPo" target="_blank"><strong>Da Lobsta</strong></a>, a tiny Gold Coast seafood shack with shellfish-stuffed rolls that evoke the New England seaside.

  • Sauce & Bread Kitchen

    Co-op Hot Sauce and Crumb Bread are behind this <strong><a href=" Two_local_favorites_join_forces_in_Edgewater.htm?ref=huffPo" target="_blank">charming new Edgewater café</a></strong>. The space is small, but its flavor is oversize--and the turkey sandwich, with piquant chow chow relish and tamarind-guajillo-rubbed meat, is killer.

  • Saturday Sausage Shop

    Ever had pho in the form of a sausage? Neither had we, until <strong><a href=" Creative_links_at_Longman_Eagles_Saturday_Sausage_Shop.htm?ref=huffPo" target="_blank">Saturday Sausage Shop</a></strong> came around. The menu at this once-per-week Longman & Eagle pop-up changes regularly, but we’re confident that whatever’s next will be bold, creative and delicious.