04/02/2013 11:27 am ET | Updated Apr 02, 2013

Norberto Jansenson 'Azulejos' Illusion Makes Tiles Appear And Disappear Before Your Eyes (VIDEO)

For the last few weeks while everyone geared up for a return to the magical realm of "Game of Thrones," an Argentine magician was quickly getting attention on social media with the video above.

In his illusion, titled "Azulejos," Norberto Jansenson starts with a tray of 63 inconspicuous tiles. He then removes the tiles from the tray, and conjures up three more tiles from thin air -- or so it seems. The magician works simply, without overstated flourishes. As the three new tiles disappear towards the end of the trick, his matter-of-fact style leaves us scratching our heads.

Jansenson recieved backlash for using two camera cuts on "Azulejos." In response, he wrote on his YouTube page, "I do not claim to have any kind of powers, nor I pretend to confuse you... I'm an artist of illusion, so my work only focuses on triggering your imagination, your sense of wonder, your capacity of being a kid again, and believing in the impossible."

What is his secret? Let us know what you think of Noberto's illusion in the comments below.


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