Blake Shelton Reveals How He Manipulated Shakira Into Giving Him Hugs On 'The Voice' (VIDEO)

04/03/2013 05:07 am ET

Blake Shelton dropped by "The Tonight Show" to talk about the new blood on "The Voice." He and fellow coach Adam Levine welcomed new coaches Shakira and Usher to the panel this season, and he said it's been going really well. Mainly because had and Levine like to have fun with the other coaches.

One trick they realized pretty quickly was that any time they fought for a contestant and Shakira won, she would give consolation hugs to the other coaches during the commercial breaks.

"So Adam and I figured out, any time you see Shakira hit that button, I’m hitting my button, too," Shelton said. "Then you’re like, ‘If I were you, I’d go with Shakira,’ you know, because then you get the Shakira hug."

If they're on the panel again together, Shakira may not give her hugs away so freely. Blake Shelton told Billboard that he couldn't imagine taking time a temporary break from "The Voice," though he's struggling to maintain his commitments to his music and the show. "Something has to give at some point, as it's like trying to hold back a river. I've got to get back to what I love most, which is performing live," he said. In other words, if Shelton steps away from the show, it will likely be for good.

For now, though, "The Voice" continues to be a huge platform. It's come back with big ratings again. That's something NBC desperately needed, as the network had fallen behind Univision to fifth place with "The Voice" off the air earlier this year.

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