Cute Kid Note Of The Day: How To Bother Your Brother

04/03/2013 04:53 pm ET | Updated Sep 03, 2013

Today's cute kid note comes from the HuffPost newsroom! This work of art was produced by a young Carolyn Gregoire, Associate Lifestyle Editor, who clearly showed a penchant for writing from an early age.

Title: Things To Do To Bother Nick

Author: Carolyn

Age: "6 or 7"

Disclaimer: Carolyn assures us that she was not as mean as this note would have it seem (and of course, we believe her).

No. 5? The missing item on the list (Carolyn says she "ran out of steam") could be: Interrupt him while he is singing, write a nasty note or an evil apology and, of course, stab him with an ice cream cone and blog about it.

how to bother your brother

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