Eileen And Warner Billington, Teenage Sweethearts, Reunite And Marry In Their 70s (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

04/03/2013 04:51 pm ET | Updated Apr 03, 2013

Two British septuagenarians have gotten married more than 60 years after they first met.

The photos below -- one of them as teenagers and the second in their 70s -- suggest that Eileen And Warner Billington, 78 and 79, have been together for much of their lives.

But there was a six decade period in between in which the couple didn't see or speak to each other.

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eileen warner billington

eileen warner billington

Sixteen-year-old Eileen Lockley met 17-year-old Warner Billington when they both lived in central England’s West Midlands area. He noticed her while she was walking one day and was instantly smitten.

“I got a pair of garden shears and pretended to cut the hedge outside my parents’ house,” he told the Daily Mail.

Not long after their first conversation, Warner enlisted in the Royal Air Force, the Daily Mail reported. During a trip home on leave, he asked Eileen on a date and started writing her letters almost daily. Two years later, the couple pitched their plan to marry to Eileen's father, who said they were too young.

After they parted, Eileen and Warner moved on to other partners, married and had children. In 2010, a friend of Warner's who stayed at Eileen’s hotel learned that she had just lost her husband and told Warner.

He called to offer his condolences.

Eileen then visited him at his home in the West Midlands, and they decided to marry on December 6, 2011. This time around, both of their families -- now made up of their children -- approved.

“It’s like being teenage sweethearts all over again,” Eileen told “It’s as though we have never been apart. As well as loving each other, we are good companions, just as we were when we first met. In fact, we are just like an old married couple.”

“We both had very happy marriages," Warner told SWNS. "But anyone who tells you that they don’t remember their first love is fibbing."

Teenage Sweethearts Reunite And Marry In Their 70s
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