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Erika Slezak: ABC Replaced 'One Life To Live,' 'All My Children' With 'Rubbish'

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"One Life To Live" star Erika Slezak thinks the shows that replaced soaps are "real rubbish" | Getty Images

Erika Slezak is still not quite over ABC's canceling her soap "One Life to Live" as well as the cancellation of "All My Children."

"I have to say, they replaced them with real rubbish,'" Slezak told Zap2It. "'The Chew' is hanging on, but how many cooking shows can you have? You have a channel called the Food Network; you can go there 24 hours a day, so do we need another show where they're all talking over each other? And 'The Revolution' was so bad, they canceled it in five months."

"The Chew" replaced "All My Children" in September 2011 when that soap opera went off the air. "The Revolution" replaced "One Life to Live" in January 2012, but was canceled shortly thereafter. ABC's daytime lineup now includes "The Chew," "General Hospital" and "Katie."

At the time of "One Life to Live's" cancellation, Slezak said the reason they were given was "bulls--t."

"What really annoyed me about our cancellation was the reason we were given," Slezak told TV Guide Magazine. "We were told the daytime audience doesn't want entertainment anymore and that they just want information. Well, that's the biggest load of bulls***. People always want entertainment."

Both "One Life to Live" and "All My Children" will return, thanks to Prospect Park, on Monday, April 29. New episodes will be available to stream for free on Hulu and to purchase on iTunes.

"People stop me on the street, total strangers, and literally put their hands on my shoulders and say, 'We miss you so much!'" Slezak told Zap2it. "I think the fans had a lot to do with (production company) Prospect Park's willingness to try to get this back up again. They were just outraged when ABC canceled both shows on the same day."

For more from Slezak, head over to Zap2it.

Click here for more details on the revivals.

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