High School Basketball Players Show Off In McDonald's All-American Dunk Contest (VIDEO)

04/03/2013 03:43 pm ET

When all-stars Andrew Wiggins -- one of the best players and recruits in the 2013 class -- and Arizona-bound Aaron Gordon make it big in the NBA someday, you can say you first saw them dunk in high school.

The annual McDonald's All-American Game for high school basketball players will take place tonight in Chicago, but we've already seen a glimpse of what these teens can do in a dunk contest held on Monday night.

Wiggins and Gordon stole the show when they performed four dunks that have never been seen in a professional dunk contest (look out, NBA!). The packed gymnasium roared each time the players slammed the ball in the hoop, and one fan can even be heard in the background of the video saying, "They make it look so easy!"

Check out these basketball wizards' skills in the video above!

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