04/03/2013 10:49 am ET

Lena Dunham Compares 'Girls' Criticism To Chris Brown

If you don't like Lena Dunham and "Girls," she'll forgive you. After all, she has strong feelings toward certain topics herself ... like Chris Brown, for example.

"You know people who are like, 'It's just not my thing.' Or perhaps their morals don't jibe with my morals, you know, the same way I feel about Chris Brown -- it's not for me, I don't like your attitude and you are not someone I want to take in," Dunham told British GQ.

"Though, admittedly, I've never beaten any of my lovers in a car while heading [to] the Grammys, so maybe I'm just not 'with it' or something," she added.

Although Dunham is known for degrading "Girls" sex scenes -- who can forget when Adam made his new girlfriend get "on all fours" -- this is hardly the first time Dunham has bashed Brown's relationship with fellow pop star Rihanna.

“[Rihanna is] talented. And then she gets back together with Chris Brown and posts a million pictures of them smoking marijuana together on a bed," Dunham told Alec Baldwin on his podcast "Here's The Thing." "And it cracks my heart in half in a way that makes me feel like I’m 95 years old.”

Ahead of the "Girls" debut last February, Dunham took to Twitter to voice her feelings Rihanna and Brown's new song "Nobodies Business."

Rihanna and Chris Brown's new duets make me want to go hide under Gloria Steinem's bed for 72 hours

— Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) February 25, 2012

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