04/03/2013 10:13 pm ET Updated Apr 04, 2013

Rick Perry: North Korea Knows 'That Austin, Texas Is Now A Very Important City In America' (VIDEO)

Leave it to Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) to make lemons out of North Korea's lemonade.

On the day the country warned its military has been cleared to launch a nuclear attack on the United States, a clip surfaced of Perry appearing to inject the success of his own state into the conversation.

Last Saturday, reports emerged that Austin, Texas was among the places on Kim Jong Un's map of targets. In a Wednesday advance of an interview scheduled to air on Thursday's edition of "CBS This Morning," Perry said he understood why.

“Economically, what has happened in Texas over the course of the last decade has made this city an epicenter for a lot of technology, a lot of economic development,” he told CBS. “And I think the individuals in North Korea understand that Austin, Texas, is now a very important city in America, as do corporate CEOs and other people who are moving here in record numbers.”

Outside of Austin's burgeoning business scene, Perry's camp took the North Korea threats seriously. The Fort-Worth Star-Telegram reported Saturday that the state was in contact with authorities over any potential security issue.

"The governor takes all threats to the people of Texas seriously," said Josh Havens, a Perry spokesman.

"Rather than threatening the centers of liberty and prosperity in the United States, North Korea should be attending to the needs of its starving and oppressed people," he added.

Perry's comments come weeks after former NBA star Dennis Rodman shared some insights on North Korea's thinking. Back in early March, Rodman discussed his trip to the country on ABC's "This Week," telling host George Stephanopoulos that his "friend" Kim Jong Un wants U.S. President Barack Obama to call.

"He said, 'If you can, Dennis -- I don't want [to] do war,'" Rodman said. "'I don't want to do war.' He said that to me."


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