04/04/2013 02:55 pm ET | Updated Apr 04, 2013

Craigslist Sponsors Bay To Breakers For 2013 Race (PHOTOS)

Good news, everyone!

San Francisco's favorite drunken, naked "athletic" event has found a new sponsor--the same local institution that also helped you find your apartment, your job and your couch. Yes, Craigslist is now the official sponsor of Bay To Breakers.


"This is a wonderful opportunity for Bay to Breakers to partner with one of the world's most visited websites and another San Francisco original," Race Director Angela Fang said in a statement.

While the race itself is owned by billionaire Philip Anshutz's AEG entertainment conglomerate, actual sponsorship of the race has bounced around over the past decade--from Dutch banking giant ING to local t-shirt printers Zazzle--after being held by the San Francisco Examiner since the 1960s.

Unlike in past years, the race won't have an above-the-title sponsor and instead will be dubbed "Bay To Breakers presented by Craigslist." Not taking an above-the-title sponsorship squares well with the for-profit corporation's self-professed "relatively non-commercial nature, public service mission, and non-corporate culture."

As SFist notes, the cost of putting on the race typically runs about $1 million and the presenting sponsor usually pays for half of that.

Other sponsors for this year's event include Dos Equis, Volkwagen and Big 5 Sporting Goods. And C20 Pure Coconut Water is not only the official coconut water of Bay To Breakers, but it mixes well with sake, lime juice and agave nectar for a refreshing, portable cocktail.

On a related note: consuming alcohol during the race is strictly prohibited.

Bay to Breakers was started soon after the devastating 1906 earthquake as a way to boost morale in a struggling city. Over the years, it gradually transformed from a traditional footrace into the one-of-a-kind celebration it is today.

The levels of, let's say, "excess" associated with the celebration has led to a bit of backlash of late that some argue makes it difficult to retain sponsors for multiple years.

However, that's a problem that doesn't seem to bother Craigslist. "We're tickled pink to sponsor Bay to Breakers," said Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster in a statement. "A fellow San Francisco institution, this storied footrace celebrates the unique character of our colorful city, drawing fans and participants from around the world."

The 102nd annual Bay To Breakers is scheduled for Sunday, May 19.

Check out this slideshow of pictures from past Bay to Breakers events and leave your suggestions for Craigslist-inspired costumes in the comments:

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