Domino The 'Talking' Texas Shelter Dog Barks 'I Love You' (VIDEO)

04/04/2013 02:37 pm ET

The workers at Pets Fur People shelter in Tyler, Texas, come across many dogs with a lot of love to give.

But they've never met a dog quite like Domino.

The Boston Terrier has a distinctive bark that 'speaks' to people -- literally.

"I was pretty surprised myself, but it's very obvious he says I love you," shelter worker Gayle Helms told ABC's local affiliate.

The shelter's manager Terry Cashion told the Daily Mail that he "says it when you're walking away because he's worried you're leaving him."

Because of Domino's partial house training, the Daily Mail writes that he may have been previously adopted and recently abandoned. But his unique skill quickly stole hearts and he was taken home on Tuesday after just three weeks at the shelter.

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domino the talking dog

We're not sure if we can quite hear the words 'I love you,' but who wouldn't want to come home to that adorable face?

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