04/04/2013 07:30 am ET Updated Apr 04, 2013

'How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life)' Premiere: Bad Grandparents, Big Laughs (VIDEO)

ABC launched a late-season entry in the post-"Modern Family" time slot, which should guarantee some eyeballs on hand to watch Sarah Chalke argue with Brad Garrett and Elizabeth Perkins. The trio star in "How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)," which should also win the award for longest show title of the season.

Chalke plays Polly, who moves back in with her parents after her marriage falls apart. Six months later, she's still there. In the premiere, though, she finally agrees to go on a date, only she doesn't want her young daughter to know. Unfortunately, her parents are only barely functional as adults, and so they quickly blow the secret -- along with the truth about Santa Claus, for some reason.

Buddy TV thinks the show is as funny as its title is long, but E! Online is a little more cautious. They worry that the "kooky grandparent" schtick of the show could wear thin.. In their defense, though, Garrett and Perkins are playing "kooky" parents as well. Perkins can't remember ever bathing her child, though she feels she probably should be able to recall that.

While E! Online was also worried the late start could hurt the show's chances, The Hollywood Reporter disagreed, suggesting that we're in a new age of television. An age where a midseason entry with such a strong cast could turn into a massive hit despite the odds -- especially with a strong lead-in like "Modern Family."

See more great grandparenting on "How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)," Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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