Yeah, maybe you've got something weird, but remember, you can always make it weirder.

Via UCB Comedy

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  • Wolf Eating Watermelon

    They don't get Jolly Ranchers out in the wild, so this is the next best thing.

  • Chipmunk Eating Corn

    Chipmunk cheeks are the BEST!

  • Squirrel Eating Carrot

    They're not just for rabbits anymore.

  • Cat Eating Cheeseburger

    The Internet was right!

  • Dog Eating Noodles

    Just your typical college dog eating ramen for dinner every night.

  • Dog Eating A Pomegranate

    Even dogs can't figure out how to eat pomegranates.

  • Squirrel Eating Ice Cream

    The picture is cropped to hide the crying child in the background.

  • Cat Eating Sausage

    She's about to have her mind blown.

  • Dog Eating Pringles

    It's hard to get through a can without doing this at least once.

  • Albino Squirrel Eating Burger

    "Albino Squirrel goes to White Castle" could be an awesome movie.

  • Cat Eating Watermelon

    In a bow tie no less.

  • Squirrel Eating Pizza

    How'd he get that?

  • Cat Eating Corn

    "I wanted popcorn, but this will do."

  • Dog Eating Carrot

    "This is the weirdest bone I have ever tasted."

  • Cat Eating Corn On The Cob

    Somebody's not too pleased about it.

  • Squirrel Eating Gummy Worm

    He must be pretty confused.

  • Dog Eating Corn On The Cob

    Who doesn't like butter?

  • Squirrel Eating Cinnamon Roll

    No one can resist Cinnabon.

  • Cat Eating Pizza

    Apparently, this is a <a href="">trend</a>.

  • Monkey Eating Coconot

    The foot really helps to balance the coconut.

  • Dog Eating Pineapple

    Or, the weirdest game of fetch ever.

  • Praire Dog Eating Carrot

    And savoring every bite.

  • Chipmunk Eating A Goldfish

    Calm down, it's not a real goldfish.

  • Cat Eating Pepper

    We hope it's not a spicy one.

  • Monkey Eating Cookie

    Bananas can get boring.

  • Cat Eating Popsicle

    It's not Fancy Feast, but it'll do.

  • Squirrel Eating Peach

    Imagining eating a peach that's a third of the size of your body.