04/04/2013 04:24 pm ET | Updated Apr 04, 2013

Megyn Kelly Questions Wayne LaPierre Over Limiting Magazine Clips (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly struck a serious tone with Wayne LaPierre on Thursday when the NRA CEO appeared on her Fox News program.

LaPierre responded to the legislation Gov. Dan Malloy signed into law on Thursday, making Connecticut a state with some of the toughest gun laws in the country. The new law requires background checks on almost all private gun sales and bans the sale of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

Kelly pointed out that many of the parents who lost children in the Newtown school shooting supported the new gun laws, specifically banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. LaPierre said that the new laws were just making the "law books thicker for law-abiding citizens." In order to keep kids safe, he said, there should be armed officers in school and the "broken mental health system" should be repaired.

"I appreciate that and you articulate your position well, but if I could circle you back ... If there's anything that has moved people in this country ... it's the Newtown tragedy," she said. "You hear the parents of those children killed ... say 11 children had the chance to escape while [the shooter] reloaded ... That is, to me, the most compelling argument ... for this limitation on [ammunition]."

"My response is that the criminals are not going to have less, one round in the hand of someone who is going to do horror is too many," LaPierre said.

"How do you know? How do you know, Wayne?" Kelly said, interrupting LaPierre. "Adam Lanza's mother was a legal gun owner. And how do you know that his mother would not have obeyed the law and limited the magazine clip, and then Adam Lanza would have been limited to 10 rounds instead of 30."

LaPierre insisted that one can change magazine clips within seconds and that there is no evidence that anything would have changed.



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