'Modern Family': Phil And Claire Meet Future Versions Of Haley, Alex And Luke (VIDEO)

04/04/2013 06:03 am ET | Updated Apr 04, 2013

When Claire went into the hospital for a checkup on a small heart issue on "Modern Family," she and Phil encountered possible future versions of their children. The bit started with the kids appearing to be successful and together, which made Phil think his relaxed parenting style was working. But as soon as Claire was out of the room, they collapsed into the worst possible futures for their kids.

Later in the episode, after two frantic and opposing phone calls home from Phil and Claire, the kids headed to the hospital to see their parents. When they stepped into the elevator, they lined up right in front of their "future" doppelgangers.

"God, do you soak your hair in cigarettes?" said "future" Alex to "future" Haley.

"Do you wash your clothes in tears?" came the response from "future" Haley, played by Justine Bateman.

"Future" Luke was oblivious, as expected. He said, "I have to get home, my roommate needs his shoes."

The AV Club enjoyed the "Ghosts of Christmas Yet to Come" storyline, saying that it delivered some good laughs. TV Equals agreed, saying that it's bits like this that make "Modern Family" a standout sitcom worth watching.

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