'Carrie' Remake Trailer Shows Chloë Grace Moretz Getting Her Revenge

04/05/2013 10:14 am ET

Carrie is back.

In a new trailer for the upcoming "Carrie" remake, released by MGM on Thursday, Chloë Grace Moretz stars as the tortured high school girl.

The spooky clip sets footage of screaming and banging doors to the sounds of Julianne Moore singing. "In every neighborhood there is one family with a secret no one talks about," the trailer reads. Moore plays Carrie's mother, Margaret White, in the film.

"The other kids, they think I'm weird," Carrie says in the video, before she is shown being teased and abused by her classmates and punished by her strict Christian mother.

"What if you realized you had the power to change everything?" the trailer continues. "Everyone will know her name."

"Carrie," which also stars Judy Greer and Gabriella Wilde, is a reboot of the 1976 film based on Stephen King's novel of the same name.

Greer spoke about Moretz's performance of Carrie, saying, "Chloe's performance -- and this is literal -- has brought me to tears on set. She's made me cry because I find her performance to be incredibly moving. I'm feeling a lot of compassion for her."

"Carrie" hits theaters on Oct. 18.

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